Took me forever to realize all the text strings are in a file called  ... no other file extension.

This rocks. It has a text-only list of every possible bit of text or a heading used anywhere in the system, which can be called as variables at any time in the app. Once I finally tracked it down, I was thrilled.

Another thing - all of the 'pods' on the right are configurable, and the list of them is in a cf tag  file called 'layout.cfm'

If you modify anything, be sure it is between <cfoutput> tags... page is 'cfoutputonly' ... took me a while to catch on to that one too ;-)

Oh - and - since all of these things are stored as application variables, you have to clear the cache to see your changes (dont even ask me how long I spent futzin with 'I cant see my changes!' late last night)

Just remember to put ?reinit=1 after your page name to force a full cache clear, or use the button inside the admin on the main menu.