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This portion outlines all of my spam-blocking techniques rolled into one powerful script.

The attachment samples give you everything you need to drop a working CF contact form into ANY page of your site, and start collecting spam-proof website submissions right away. (Please DO download and test the samples, and my instructions, and let me know what you find!)

Features include:

    * Trapping automatic form submission (junk mail bots) with a "Honeypot" field
    * Preventing html characters '<' & '>'
    * Blocking a defined list of words and phrases, including common spam terminology and nasty words we don't want in our email

...all in one simple file that you can insert into any page!

Part 3 will put some finishing touches on things, with jQuery inline validation, and a cleaner approach to the code and all the variable parts of the form.... coming soon...

p.s. - CMX has put up part 2 as a paid article (part 1 is free), but you can get a free trial and grab a few key articles, there is a lot in there to peruse.

Note: CommunityMX just posted a help wanted notice.
If you have CF / PHP / DreamWeaver / Photoshop / other knowledge above the average tutorial-reading beginner-or-higher-level CMX member, this is a great chance to earn a few bucks, share what you know, and get some nice credits.