I've been busier than ever with the expansion of my web design company and CF programming services, as well as a massive total upgrade (and renaming) of our ColdFusion web hosting company -  all very good things, no complaints about having enough to do, but things like this humble blog have fallen by the wayside.

I've had lots of neat ideas or things to share (don't we all!) but somewhere along the line, I decided to upgrade to the newest blogcfc version, and instead of posting, have been spending my precious little 'blog time' working on the site itself. (Actually really easy to upgrade - thanks again to Ray Camden for making it so smooth!)

In addition to the new look and simpler layout, I put a heap o' tweak on the back end, including tinyMCE, a nice image resizer/uploader, and a bunch of other little things designed to get me back to posting and sharing tiny tidbits as quickly and easily as possible. ( so far so good... the new tinyMCE is really slick, and I've set it up to switch between plain text and a text editor with a single click, depending on the need... more on that later - I'll share it here once i get a few more miles on it!)

Building two businesses, raising a family, and being a code-obssessed project-mongering CF/jQuery nut-fan doesn't leave a lot of time for sharing and discussion, but I am gettting a grip on all that is required of me at this stage of life and career, and coming to see not only an outlet in the social web community, but also beginning to noticeably realize the return from all the time I've spent over the years on various web developer newsgroups and forums, as well as this and other web developer blogs. Instead of taking me 'off track', the interchange of ideas, tools and time-saving suggestions has led to a noticeable increase in my efficiency and a new spring in the step of my general workflow, not to mention quite a few very nice paid projects (thanks especially to the CartWeaver crew for all the props this past year).

If anything, being part of a larger community of web developers and other like-minded folks, even if virtual, has been a very real part of keeping me 'on track' all this time.

At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I just want to give a smathering of thanks and praise to the CF community at large. I've seen a lot of great ColdFusion ideas and renewed enthusiasm on a lot of levels as more and more people get the bug of <cf_connectedness>. Great ColdFusion resources like ColdFusionCommunity.org, riaforge.org and of course CFbloggers.org seem to be steadily picking up speed, and the general willingness to share and discuss all our little brain-children concepts and widgets is what keeps this business fun. As long as I am still learning, I am still doing what I love for a living.