I have seen a gazillion people in various stages of the Dreamweaver to Eclipse migration complaining, like i have been, about the inability to upload files using a keyboard shortcut. Well my friends, complain no more! 

Fellow developer Edward Beckett has posted a very simple solution here

The main thing i was missing before was the fact that Aptana has a built-in default upload combination , Ctrl+Shift+U, just like Dreamweaver. The key, as Edward so kindly and simply explains, is to remove any other Eclipse key bindings using those combinations (in his post he uses Ctrl+U and Ctrl+D, but my default is with the 'shift' added in).

As a side note, for people like me who aren't satisified with a tiny percentage meter in the footer of the window, showing the "Console" view will display the FTP transactions as-they-happen. Oh what a relief this is for me... and my hands and wrists!