I've known it all along, but now I have the proof to justify the massive pile of dark chocolate bars in my office drawer, and the collection of wine bottles (mostly full, including red, white and 'other') in the cabinet. I don't eat donuts, candy, or even your average generic chocolate Hershey or Snickers bars, but dark (darker the better) chocolate is a daily indulgence, and a glass of three of wine hits the spot with or after dinner at least a few times a week.

This article from Science Daily explains why I am smarter than your average non-indulger... http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081223123530.htm

( of course, they didn't cross-study the negative effects of draft beer, high altitude, or too many hours in the intertubes... which we all know makes us stoopid after midnight... )