This is one of the coolest, simplest applications to be launched on the back of the Netflix API. I just signed up at, and instantly got some information I have wondered about since we signed up with Netflix about a year and a half ago.

Along with some webstats-type graphs and pie charts, and a nice simple overview of my current queue, I also now know the following:

You have been a Netflix member since July 2007 and have returned 126 titles to date
You most recently returned a movie on 13/Jan/09 i.e. 12 days ago
You keep titles at home for an average of 13 days
You see 7.3 titles by DVD and 18.7 titles by Instant Watch each month
You've indicated that you are on the 3 at-a-time (Unlimited) plan which costs $16.99/month
Your cost/DVD rental is $2.32. Your cost/movie (including Instant Watch) is $0.65
You're in the 13th percentile. i.e., 13% of FeedFlixers pay less than you per movie
The kids use the online feature all the time, and I've watched a few flix that way too... if you factor that in we are definitely getting a deal. Add in the fact that we don't have to leave the house or deal with video rental stores and lines at all, and I feel even better about that auto-charge to my credit card each month from Netflix.