This post on the site explains how to get HTML email on your blackberry.

I love having the internet in my pocket - what did I do before I had my BB Curve? - but one of the major annoyances has been the way that HTML-formatted email is displayed. Links and images are shown as HTML code, even for multi-part email where the text part would be more appropriate that the messy, pseudo-source-code view.

It seemed strange to me from day one that this nifty device, with two browsers, a dedicated email system and a newsreader all running at once, didn't have a smart way to handle html email messages... until now, that is.

Sometime in the last few months, Verizon started supporting BB OS 4.5, which is apparently the first release to have the html email options. In my case, I had to

1) update the BB OS (hint: download it with your PC and use 'device manager' - much easier way to update)

2) pull my battery out of the BB with the power ON... wait a few secs, put it back in.

3) resend my 'service books' (logged in to verizon BB Internet Service site and clicked 'resend service books' ... I don't know what that means, really, but it worked!)

I just did a test, sending myself a multi-part (html and text in one message) email from my CMS back end, and yeah buddy - beautiful, clean, html color and style formatting, with images too! Now, at last, I do believe my BlackBerry is perfect.