One of the (very few) things I missed when switching from Dreamweaver to Eclipse was the ability to right click on a folder in the file directory view ('Project' view in Eclipse) and choose 'explore' to open the directory directly in Windows Explorer.

While I haven't found a direct right-click option in Eclipse, the workaround is just as quick and easy. I have my Quick Launch bar at the bottom of my main monitor (happens to be the one where Eclipse is usually open) , containing tiny icons for all of my most-used programs. To explore the files in any folder from Eclipse's 'Project' view, I can simply click and drag the folder name from the 'Project' view onto the Internet Explorer quick launch icon, and voila, it opens directly in Windows Explorer, just like the old DW "explore" option.

( Note: I am using the Aptana plugin for Eclipse, as well as CFeclipse ... your Eclipse views may be different, but I am pretty sure the concept still applies )