Still a work in progress, I have fixed a few small things and added better setup notes for the CF Gallery Creator and jQuery Slider Gallery (click for explanation in previous post)

The new code is available as a zip file, attached ** see below **

This package contains

1) a custom ColdFusion image gallery generator, which will create thumbnails and large images of any size you specify from a folder containing your original images, and outputs them to the page in a nice unordered list html markup.

Includes options for multiple subfolders, each one a separate 'gallery' with thumbnail or dropdown navigation.


2) a simply but effective 'slider gallery' built on css and jQuery. Example here:

( Without the jQuery and css, the raw markup from the CF tag alone looks like this


As usual this was built to meet a specific need for a client project and has been tweaked and adjusted along the way.

Please DO try it out, and let me know if/when you use it.
Comments, enhancements and suggestions welcome!