As many dedicated web developers mourn the passing of the NNTP interface for Adobe's support forums ( formerly nntp:// ), I'd like to extend a hearty welcome, inviting all web developers, friends and interested cohorts to join myself and a number of other seasoned web professionals in some popular NNTP-friendly alternative hangouts.

In addition to general web developer newsgroups, there are some specialized groups for ColdFusion, javascript (ok, mostly jQuery), all three flavors of CartWeaver (E-commerce) and more.

Every one of the newsgroups listed on the page above is happy to welcome new and interesting contributors, the more the merrier. You may even discover some old friends among the archived threads. 

NOTE: If you are not currently using NNTP to interact with other web-folks online, you've been missing out! I recommend Mozilla Thunderbird, and an account at each one of the places listed. See you there!


In regards to the big switch, the Adobe Dreamweaver support forum says this:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Forums will be unavailable for planned system maintenance
starting at 3pm PST on April 3, 2009. New forums will be online on
Monday April 6, 2009.

( currently April 3, 1:35 Pacific time ... T-minus 90 minutes )