I didn't realize Flickr made it so easy to embed a photoset as a flash slideshow into your page. I just added our wedding photos to our simple wedding website, in about 5 minutes (once I had the pictures sorted and uploaded to flickr, that is) 


To create a Flickr slideshow for any existing 'set' of photos, just click the 'slideshow' link at the top right when viewing the set. Then, in the slideshow player, click 'share' at the top right. They give you a line of code you can paste into your page and voila! The only thing I changed was the width/height parameters, both in the embed tag and the options for the flash display. The whole thing scaled perfectly to the size I selected. I *really* like the 'fullscreen' icon in the lower right of any playing slideshow. And so easy a caveman can do it!