yes there are a few...  I've been DW-free  and 100% eclipse-coding for about a year now I think... and I still find myself wishing for just a few of the features that were in DW. Maybe they'll be in 'ColdFusion Builder' ... maybe they already exist in eclipse and I'm not looking at it correctly.

My workspace is currently Eclipse 3.4 w/ CFeclipse plugins and Aptana code editor. The perspective I work in is largely Aptana's default w/ some stuff moved around.

Anyway, here's my short list of things I wish I had in my daily IDE : 

- Highlighted Tag Matching. Yes there is a bit of that in my eclipse/cfeclipse build, i.e. 'jump to matching tag', but in DW I could hit a key combo that would highlight the tag and its contents, and with another keystroke, jump to the parent matching tag, expanding outward. Then I could collapse that section - or any section I want - among other things. I miss that.

- (smarter) Tag Completion: In eclipse, I can type <p> and it puts the closing </p> right after. That's great. But in DW, I could type <p> then a big long sentence and then simple ' </  ' ... and it would know to put the closing 'p>' in there for me. Same for /div>, whatever. That was cool.

- Last Modified Dates /. 2-part FTP Panel: I love eclipse's "project" view, where i can have any number of projects in a single scrolling pane without flipping back and forth like DW's 'sites' system. Awesome. And the built-in FTP w/ Aptana is much faster and more reliable for me than DW ever was (this was the main reason i finally forced myself to become friendly w/ eclipse after years as a die-hard DW user). But sometimes I really miss the expanded FTP view from DW, where i could see files on the local server as well as the remote, with last-modified dates and everything. I still suspect this lurks in eclipse but have not found the right 'view' as of yet.

- User Defined Keyboard Shortcuts: this is a BIG one. Snippet shortcuts are awesome, but still not quite the same as being able to set my own key combos on any menu or window item.


No chance I'll be going back to DW any time soon (or ever) - there's too much in Eclipse that I would not only miss but become less productive if I did not have. For the most part I have a great, stable (and free!) web coding system in place, but these are the main features I find myself missing. My hands get tired after 12-hour coding days - every little auto-completed key-shortcutable item counts! - and when going between windows and views, I wish I didn't have to use the mouse so much.

I'm curious to hear from other DW-to Eclipse converts... what's your wish list for Eclipse?