Today I attended my first ColdFusion Meetup. I've been watching and/or listening to the previous meetups now and then, but today I clicked through and there was one in progress so I jumped in. What a neat system this is. If you are a ColdFusion user and want to learn more about the CF world in general, it is obvious this is a good thing to be part of.

The whole platform takes a bit of reckoning - the Adobe Connect viewer seems to handle itself once installed, but there's some stuff happening on the screen once you log in... you've got somebody's video - whoever is in control at the moment - showing a live screencast,  the voice of the host and/or current speaker as the audio channel, and a scrolling chat window with all sorts of things including notes from the presenters, questions from the audience, and various interjections.

Connecting live and having my own typed questions answered on the realtime voice track was fun... though listening to the recordings can be educational and thought-provoking, being there 'with' all the other CF-folks in realtime is definitely the way to go... I plan to be back at more CF meetups soon!

The CF Meetup site is here:

The one I participated in today, "Leveraging Eclipse for ColdFusion Development", with Mike Henke", is here:

( Thanks to the host Charlie Arehart and to Mike for the info about CFeclipse - I learned several useful things today and look forward to what's coming next! )