Here's a simple trick that saves a few clicks. If you are running a ColdFusion local server on a windows PC, you can start and stop the CF service with a simple bat file.

Make a new text file on your hard drive somewhere (i keep mine right on the desktop), and name it "cfstart.bat" - in your text editor of choice, enter this one line and save the file:

    NET START "coldfusion 9 application server"

(with the quotes, just like that)

You can make another called "cfstop.bat" and, you guessed it, 

    NET STOP "coldfusion 9 application server"

To use the files, on my Windows 7 PC, I just right click and select "Run as administrator", and the service stops or starts up right away. Now instead of running all the time, consuming memory, CF only runs on my local machine when i need it. 

Note: you may also want to remove the ColdFusion service from the list of items that run on startup - use start > run > mscofig to see the list.