If you've been blogging for any length of time in the ColdFusion / CFML community, you're familiar with and probably using BlogCFC, as is this old blog. I've been intending to be more active blogging for a while now, and the recent CF Summit has me all the more eager to get back to writing in this space. 

Lately I've been working a lot with Bootstrap and jQuery, so I decided to give my blog a new skin.

 What you are seeing as of this post is a basic boostrap skin wrapped around the regular blog cfc markup. I'm looking for help to test it out and work out the bugs on various devices (hit the comments or the contact page w/ your feedback, or see this google groups thread to chime in: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/blogcfc/WE3ZqI2DBhE   )

The only other enhancement thus far is adding a new version of CKeditor in the admin. I did this ... whoa... 7 years ago (?!)  http://www.miuaiga.com/index.cfm/2006/12/17/FCKing-Blogcfc so I figured it was time for an update. I like being able to add some html formatting, along with the full screen and view source buttons that CKeditor provides.

This time around, the BlogCFC code is on GitHub so I created my own fork and have been tracking changes there, with the thought that somebody else might like to add the same enhancements. (So far only the CKeditor change has been tracked in Github, I'm still working on the skin and general theme.)

I know there are a lot of CFBloggers out there running BlogCFC. Maybe we can put our heads together and breathe some life into the project.

I like blogCFC , and haven't had any need to move to another blogging platform even after all this time (words is words, right?) , but I'd like to see it get a facelift. How much I put into it depends on how many other folks would find it useful.

So much energy goes into short social posts that come and go like sand on a beach. I am glad to see and be part of a resurgence of long-format, long-life-span authorship in the CF developer community. Revamping the blog, in theory, will add motivation and remove friction, resulting in more content over time. We shall see.