With the first Release Candidate of Bootstrap 3 available, I've been looking for templates, examples, sample code, or any other source from which I can absorb information and visual ideas for creating website projects based on this new version of the Bootstrap framework. 

It makes sense that there aren't any full-blown commercial templates out there yet, but I'm surprised by how few sites have grabbed onto the chance to at least show off what they know about the new version.

So far, here are a few I've found to be useful:

http://getbootstrap.com/css - the work-in-progress version of the Boostrap 3 docs (Version 2 docs have already been moved to a new location). The various element types and applications are listed with very basic examples of each, in a comprehensive guide format. Grids aren't 100% accurate here because of the left column stuff for the demos.

http://getbootstrap.com/examples/grid/ - this page, free of browser chrome and any additional layout, shows how the grid responds on various devices (try this link on your phone, tablet, and laptop, or just resize a large screen down to smaller widths, to see the awesomeness in action)

http://getbootstrap.com/getting-started/#examples/ - official Twitter Bootstrap examples, as of this writing some things are not working correctly (maybe the team's been busy on other things?) but you can see some great examples of the new grids and other changes in this version

http://www.bootply.com/65566 - very good BS3 examples all in one place, this page shows the source code and a tiny bit of custom CSS added by the author. A visual version is here: Bootstrap 3 template at bootply Of interest are the new 'panel' elements, the changes to the way glyphicons are rendered, and of course the new totally-responsive grid. 

http://bootply.com/tagged/bootstrap-3 - a list of additional Bootply resources for BS3, with some separate examples of various features provided by Bootply users

http://startbootstrap.com/ - a free collection of bootstrap "better examples", includes basic enhancements to the very simple examples provided at getbootstrap.com 

I am sure there are more, feel free to add them in the comments. 

Obviously lacking from all of these examples are the finer touches such as pretty styles for form elements, and backgrounds or custom colors and images for navbars, grids and other layout elements. I would also like to see more examples of the javascript-based features in version 3.  But I am sure those will come along as more people adopt Bootstrap 3, and especially once the BS team pushes out RC2, which is rumored to be coming soon. In the mean time there is plenty to experiment with.