An associate asked for help on a Mura CMS site which was redirecting in an endless loop. From what we could see, any page request was being sent to /admin, which in turn was being directed back to the site's primary domain.

This site was previously working as expected, with no changes made by developer or site owner. Our only clue was that the CF server had been restarted the night before.

Suspecting something not properly initiated, i.e. a 'stuck' value, the usual advice would be to reload the Mura site's application. This is done by putting 'appreload=[my application reload key]' in the url, e.g (Note the appreload key is set in Mura's settings.ini.cfm file in the /config/ directory)

However, with this tricky redirect happening, we couldn't even get that far. So the next step was to try loading the site without instantiating any of the Mura plugins. (I had actually seen this issue before, so I had a clue as to the solution - but bypassing plugins is usually a good place to start if you can't even get into your Mura admin area.)

To view any page of a Mura CMS site without running any of the plugin code, simply use "?safemode=true" in the url, e.g.

In our case, the site loaded up perfectly. As a double check, without the 'safemode' in the URL we had the loop again. So, now the double whammy - skip the plugins and reload the application

Sure enough, the site came back up and stayed up after that. Something in one of the plugins was causing a redirect loop but resetting the application cleared out whatever value was stuck.