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Reviving an old BlogCFC blog

If you've been blogging for any length of time in the ColdFusion / CFML community, you're familiar with and probably using BlogCFC, as is this old blog. I've been intending to be more active blogging for a while now, and the recent CF Summit has me all the more eager to get back to writing in this space. 

Lately I've been working a lot with Bootstrap and jQuery, so I decided to give my blog a new skin.


TwitterFeed and Tweet.js - feed your blog to Twitter, and your Twitter feed to any page

Two fun, free tools for blog/Twitter syndication combo:

1) www.twitterfeed.com : enter any Blog Rss feed url and twitterfeed will automatically post your blog entries to your twitter account

2) tweet.js : light, fast jQuery powered Twitter feed display - easy to configure options and show your Twitter posts on any page you choose

See both in action in the sidebar, here: www.gowestweb.com

Anything I post on this blog gets added to my 'gowestweb' twitter feed, which is shown on the GoWest site using tweet.js

Adding Twitter Tweetbacks to BlogCFC - find out if your posts get tweeted!

Thanks very much to Rey Bango for the excellent, easy BlogCFC instructions, and to Dan Zarella for the javascript that makes it go.

The post with full 'how to' is here, on Rey's site:

I just love the cf community... and twitter!

== == ==


The new improved version is here:

Thanks also to Adam Tuttle for the cool sweettweets cfc!



BlogCFC Auto Login

In the effort to make posting to this blog as quick and easy as possible, I decided to take a shot at a jQuery/CF automatic login routine...

Not wanting to mess with the built-in authentication (and looking for a quick easy fix), I took the most simple approach I could think of - put the user name and password in the url as variables, put those values in the form fields with ColdFusion, and then submit the form with jQuery.


Blog Updates : new blog.cfc version : back on (off?) track

I've been busier than ever with the expansion of my web design company and CF programming services, as well as a massive total upgrade (and renaming) of our ColdFusion web hosting company -  all very good things, no complaints about having enough to do, but things like this humble blog have fallen by the wayside.

I've had lots of neat ideas or things to share (don't we all!) but somewhere along the line, I decided to upgrade to the newest blogcfc version, and instead of posting, have been spending my precious little 'blog time' working on the site itself. (Actually really easy to upgrade - thanks again to Ray Camden for making it so smooth!)

In addition to the new look and simpler layout, I put a heap o' tweak on the back end, including tinyMCE, a nice image resizer/uploader, and a bunch of other little things designed to get me back to posting and sharing tiny tidbits as quickly and easily as possible. ( so far so good... the new tinyMCE is really slick, and I've set it up to switch between plain text and a text editor with a single click, depending on the need... more on that later - I'll share it here once i get a few more miles on it!)

Building two businesses, raising a family, and being a code-obssessed project-mongering CF/jQuery nut-fan doesn't leave a lot of time for sharing and discussion, but I am gettting a grip on all that is required of me at this stage of life and career, and coming to see not only an outlet in the social web community, but also beginning to noticeably realize the return from all the time I've spent over the years on various web developer newsgroups and forums, as well as this and other web developer blogs. Instead of taking me 'off track', the interchange of ideas, tools and time-saving suggestions has led to a noticeable increase in my efficiency and a new spring in the step of my general workflow, not to mention quite a few very nice paid projects (thanks especially to the CartWeaver crew for all the props this past year).

If anything, being part of a larger community of web developers and other like-minded folks, even if virtual, has been a very real part of keeping me 'on track' all this time.

At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I just want to give a smathering of thanks and praise to the CF community at large. I've seen a lot of great ColdFusion ideas and renewed enthusiasm on a lot of levels as more and more people get the bug of <cf_connectedness>. Great ColdFusion resources like ColdFusionCommunity.org, riaforge.org and of course CFbloggers.org seem to be steadily picking up speed, and the general willingness to share and discuss all our little brain-children concepts and widgets is what keeps this business fun. As long as I am still learning, I am still doing what I love for a living.

Added Image Resizer to Blog.cfc

Had to do it... and it is working great.

Now, when I upload an image from my hd, I simply check the newly added 'resize jpg' box and let 'er rip. If you want this mod to your blog.cfc, just holler... it were easy to did.

More about modifying blog.cfc

Took me forever to realize all the text strings are in a file called
main_en_US.properties  ... no other file extension.

This rocks. It has a text-only list of every possible bit of text or a heading used anywhere in the system, which can be called as variables at any time in the app. Once I finally tracked it down, I was thrilled.

Another thing - all of the 'pods' on the right are configurable, and the list of them is in a cf tag  file called 'layout.cfm'

If you modify anything, be sure it is between <cfoutput> tags... page is 'cfoutputonly' ... took me a while to catch on to that one too ;-)

Oh - and - since all of these things are stored as application variables, you have to clear the cache to see your changes (dont even ask me how long I spent futzin with 'I cant see my changes!' late last night)

Just remember to put ?reinit=1 after your page name to force a full cache clear, or use the button inside the admin on the main menu.

FCK'ing Blog.cfc

No I am not mad.
In fact, quite happy to have easily added the very versatile FCKeditor to my Blog.

  • This means I can create HTML layouts right here. Here is a simple bulleted list
  • This is bold
  • This is Italic

FCK has lots more features but I limited mine for simplicity's sake.

Here is how I did it...

Adding FCK to Blog.cfc

This was actually pretty easy, because I already have FCK setup in my CF cms.
The file to modify in the blog.cfc is called textarea.cfm. Ray even has some witty comments for you about where to put your RTE code (and I think I saw instructions for TinyMCE on the blog.cfc forum)

Anyway... I opened that file, commented out Ray's code
<!--- <textarea name="#attributes.fieldname#" id="#attributes.fieldname#" <cfif len(attributes.class)>class="#attributes.class#"</cfif>>#attributes.value#</textarea> --->

and entered this code from my CMS

<!--- [Start] MRE Edit : Add text area --->
<cfset fckBasePath = "/admin/fckeditor/">
<cfset request.FCKeditor = StructNew()>
<cfset request.FCKeditor.userFilesPath = "/admin/FCKFiles/">

 basePath = "#fckBasePath#";
 fckEditor = createObject("component", "#basePath#fckeditor");
 fckEditor.instanceName = "#attributes.fieldname#";
 fckEditor.value   = '#attributes.value#';
 fckEditor.basePath = basePath;
 fckEditor.width   = 420;
 fckEditor.height  = 280;
    fckeditor.toolbarset = 'MREbasic';
// toolbar names : MREbasic, basic, default, wiki, forum
 fckEditor.create(); // create the editor.
<!--- [END] MRE Edit : Add text area --->

As you can see, if you were working with a default setup of FCK, you would put the cfscript in right from the FCK supplied code. I just have a few more variables in mind, so I left it that way. And I put the variables in place from Ray's default textarea for the "instanceName" and "value"... easy.

The other step was to simply copy the FCKeditor directory into the blog's 'admin' folder, and upload everything.
To control which tools are shown for FCK, you want the "fckconfig.js" in the FCKeditor directory.

I haven't put FCK in for comments yet, but I have it in place for "pages" in the blog admin. Hey... look... its a full page cms!!



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