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Wedding Photos / Flickr Slideshow Embedding... easy!

I didn't realize Flickr made it so easy to embed a photoset as a flash slideshow into your page. I just added our wedding photos to our simple wedding website, in about 5 minutes (once I had the pictures sorted and uploaded to flickr, that is) 


To create a Flickr slideshow for any existing 'set' of photos, just click the 'slideshow' link at the top right when viewing the set. Then, in the slideshow player, click 'share' at the top right. They give you a line of code you can paste into your page and voila! The only thing I changed was the width/height parameters, both in the embed tag and the options for the flash display. The whole thing scaled perfectly to the size I selected. I *really* like the 'fullscreen' icon in the lower right of any playing slideshow. And so easy a caveman can do it!

FeedFlix : stats for your NetFlix account!

This is one of the coolest, simplest applications to be launched on the back of the Netflix API. I just signed up at www.feedflix.com, and instantly got some information I have wondered about since we signed up with Netflix about a year and a half ago.

Along with some webstats-type graphs and pie charts, and a nice simple overview of my current queue, I also now know the following:


I've been Twittered...

...or tweeted... or twitified... whatever.

Ever since watching my buddy the Flying Tiger annoy his wife through an entire vacation to the states with BlackBerry in hand, I have wondered in awe, 'what is this Twitter thing' ?

A few days ago I decided to finally find out for real. So far it has burned up a good part of my time with relatively no real value i can think of... and i love it.

If anybody wants to Follow or Tweet me i am "GoWestWeb" ( http://twitter.com/gowestweb )

I also just found TwitterFeed.com ( http://www.twitterfeed.com ) which will supposedly post this blog entry and all that come after it to my Twit friends.

Next very important thing to discover...
how can I post photos from my BlackBerry to Twitter?

Chocolate and Wine is make me smart

I've known it all along, but now I have the proof to justify the massive pile of dark chocolate bars in my office drawer, and the collection of wine bottles (mostly full, including red, white and 'other') in the cabinet. I don't eat donuts, candy, or even your average generic chocolate Hershey or Snickers bars, but dark (darker the better) chocolate is a daily indulgence, and a glass of three of wine hits the spot with or after dinner at least a few times a week.

This article from Science Daily explains why I am smarter than your average non-indulger... http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/12/081223123530.htm

( of course, they didn't cross-study the negative effects of draft beer, high altitude, or too many hours in the intertubes... which we all know makes us stoopid after midnight... )


Changing my BlackBerry signature (Verizon)

I finally got it changed! For those that may be wondering how to get rid of the default signature ( Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry ), here is your how-to...

First, with Verizon, you can't change this on your BlackBerry. You also cannot change this in your normal Verizon control panel. Instead there is a special admin for the email accounts, here

apparently when you set up an email account on your blackberry, you also are setting the same options here... but this has options the BB can't control directly. Odd.

The next challenge - to log in to that magic vzw control panel, you need a password. I had to contact Verizon by phone to get mine.

Then, once logged in, it was very simple ... click 'edit' on the existing account and enter a new signature. 

For me, I don't always want people to know I am not at my desk when answering or sending email. Turning off the annoying mobile confirmation messages and then changing the signature to one similar to my usual outlook email footer, I am now officially BB-cloaked.

I love this guitar : Ibanez S Prestige


Far from a "practitioner of the more extreme forms of metal" , the apparent target market for this Ibanez line, I'm more of a rock/blues rhythm guitar guy, with a mostly-acoustic background.

In the last few years I've been playing regularly with a group of local guys, and have gone all-electric. I own a few cheapish electric guitars, and have borrowed or at least played a half-dozen higher end new and vintage models. While I can't honestly say I 'dislike' any musical instrument, especially a guitar, I hadn't found anything that really made me go 'wow'.

New Years' Eve day, Las Vegas, I walked into the guitar shop with my eye on the semi hollow-body goodies in the very top row of the monster guitar wall.  For me, light weight (my neck is already perma-strained from sitting at this damn keyboard all day anyway!) and *staying in tune under heavy use* were numbers one and two on the priority list.

I ended up playing at least 8 different guitars, checking out the feel, the tone, the weight... and the tuning. Then, while the helpful sales dude was moving ladders around to get yet another hollowbody from up yonder, I saw this funny little skinny guitar with a crazy wood pattern. I grabbed it just out of 'what the heck is this' ... and decided to plug it in.


Capture any folder's file list in Excel

This is kind of abstract, but pretty neat if you need it.


Can't say much about the site design, but the file linked from that page does a cool thing... you have to 'enable macros' to use it... understood if you are paranoid about that but I've used it a few times now with no problems.... anyway...

The excel file asks you to browse to a directory on your computer, and it imports the file info - name / date created / date last modified / date last accessed.

I needed a spreadsheet containing a whole list of print ads I am working on and this was a really quick way to get them set up!
I am assuming you could use it in a folder of web files, too - it asks if you want to 'include subfolders?' and if yes, it lists out the files really nicely by directory. Cool stuff! (if you like that sort of thing)

Edit CSS in IE and Firefox :: cssVista

An interesting new desktop application for Vista users, cssVista allows you to open any live web address and edit the css, seeing the results as rendered in both IE 7 and Firefox at the same time.

At first glance it looks like this could be pretty darn useful, especially for those times when the site is just perfect in Firefox but something is just... not... quite.. .right in IE (who, me?)

( Thanks Steve for sending me the link, looks like a cool tool.)

Unlimited Gmail addresses... sort of...

This Digital Alchemy article describes how you can use a plus sign (+) to add a sub-email address to any gmail address....

" Gmail has an interesting quirk where you can add a plus sign (+) after your Gmail address, and it'll still get to your inbox. It's called plus-addressing, and it essentially gives you an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to play with."

" Example: If your address is pinkyrocks@gmail.com, you could use
pinkyrocks+nytimes@gmail.com for nytimes.com
pinkyrocks+freestuff@gmail.com for freestuff.com
Then you can tell which site has given your e-mail address to spammers, and automatically send them to the trash. "


WebDev public newsgroup ... an invitation

News Reader: news://forums.mredesign.com
Web Forum: http://forums.mredesign.com

I've had my own private newsgroups for years now, mostly using them for project-related discussion with clients or subs, and for discussion of closed-door dev projects like my coldfusion cms.

I also have a public web development discussion group which, for various reasons, has seen a marked increase in traffic lately. Still relatively quiet, and the majority of posts are still just my own blathering about this or that nifty find on the web - but there are more and more quality folks starting to wander in these days, and, methinks, quite a few more just lurking ... you know who you are!

If you have any interest in ColdFusion, general web development, or just plain ol' exchange of the usual B.S., stop by and see us...


and rocks...

lots and lots of rocks and a bunch of dirt...
it ain't pretty but at least it can't catch fire
where's that hot tub?


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