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Hike-O-Rama :: Kanab's 'squaw trail'

we did it.
all the way up the squaw trail.
it starts just behind our house - I go up there almost every day, but only to the first overlook, about 20 mins.

Today I took all 4 kids and the pup - about 2 hrs up and 1.5 back - climbing I dont know how many hundred feet and ending up with a one of a kind view of our little town of Kanab, Utah.
Took along the new digital camera, and just had a play with PS's 'photomerge' - a bit blurry in a few spots but you can definitely get the idea. We could see a looooooong way from up there.
2 panos here - one smallish, one huge
The farthest dark line on the horizon is the grand canyon's north rim
(our house is in the lower left of these photos, just a block from the new red townhomes you can see under construction)
man I am beat... but what a perfect day this made.

MyBlogTunes + blog.cfc = audio blog!

This is cool - got my own little radio player right in the lower corner of my blog (even made a blog.cfc 'pod' ) just to hold it.

Click play to hear some selections from the tornadostream library via "myBlogTunes" - a quick, easy and effective radio player.

You can also add any published podcast to your player!

Check out www.tornadostream.com to get your own...

TodCon 2007

Just got this pleasant litte email


Hi All,

Registration for TODCon 2007 in Las Vegas is now available at

Through January, you may register for the Early Bird price of only $599
for the conference. And you may split that fee into up to 4 monthly

This year, we are handling the hotel a little differently. Instead of
paying for the hotel with the conference fee, you will be provided
information at registration to call the Excalibur and book your room at
the discounted rate. This allows you to make your own custom
arrangements and put off most of the hotel cost until the event itself.
You will just need a credit card for a one night deposit.

We have a goal of making this TODCon the biggest ever and would
appreciate your help by registering early and telling your friends and
colleagues about TODCon.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. We look
forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.


Up all night

Time flies when you got code comin out both ears. Can't believe it is almost dawn... I must really like this stuff. :-)

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