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Add content to a category in Mura content bean, and how to see other methods
Tony said: Thanks Simon, I'm new to MURA and that saved me a lot of time. Don't know if this will help anyone b... [More]

Download CFQuery results as Excel with CFspreadsheet
Seth said: You can use CFCONTENT to set the MIME type and avoid the warning message. You also don't need to wri... [More]

Add index.cfm as default doucment in .htaccess
Michael Evangelista said: Hi Alex, you can use the web.config or the .htaccess file. But in Mura, as far as I know you would a... [More]

Add index.cfm as default doucment in .htaccess
WebmasterAlex said: Mike, Long time no see.... :) Is there any other way to set default doc in Mura? [More]

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