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Web Developer Resources

free and open source code samples, plugins, widgets and apps galore

Eclipse Code Editor
get started on your way to IDE bliss

Cartweaver Community Forum, php and coldfusion discussion with Q and A from team Cartweaver and other users

ColdFusion Links

ColdFusion Meetup
Live (and recorded) online presentations covering all things ColdFusion

The online ColdFusion / CFML community website

ColdFusion Jedi Blog
Raymond Camden, creator of BlogCFC, and union leader of the

Ben Nadel's Blog
Kinky Solutions for everything CF... this is one smart dude

the Godfather of ColdFusion

CartWeaver eCommerce
Robust, affordable, flexible CF eCommerce solution, also available in ASP and PHP flavors

ColdFusion Web Hosting
Full-service CF/database web hosting from GoWest Hosting

ColdFusion Demos
Michael Evangelista's CF sandbox

Free ColdFusion User-Defined Function Libraries

Charlie Arehart's Site & Blog
Extensive list of Tools and Resources to Consider for CF developers

ColdFusion Resource Portal
a collection of links and feeds relevant to ColdFusion developers


jQuery Links

The Official jQuery website (it all starts here...)

Examples and tutorials to help you learn jQuery

jQuery help and community discussion forums

John Resig
Creator of jQuery and ambassador of code=cool

Extensive resource for jQuery and other javascript plugins, snippets and functions

jQuery Demos
Michael Evangelista's jQuery sandbox

jQuery Google Group
Just what it says... the jQuery Google Group

240 jQuery Plugins
This one is obvious too...

jQuery Forum
jQuery user discusson forums

The incredible edible javascript table


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